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Beautiful & intuitive mobile app design

Smartphones have permeated our society and now offer an additional platform for business to engage with their audiences. Mobile applications can streamline booking processes, facilitate push notifications and provide peer to peer communication straight from your phone! Yellowball’s London based app designers can help you leverage the opportunities provided by mobile applications.

Yellowball have designed apps in a range of industries from tech startups that disrupt large traditional industries through to personal lifestyle apps that focus on discretion. Whatever your idea, we are here to advise and help you on your journey to creating a great mobile app.
Designing a mobile app

App Design Brief

Apps come in all shapes and sizes. Complex games, news feeds, video platforms, even those that simply require you to swipe left or right! Your app's design may need to be linked to other platforms which represent your brand or your app may be the sole platform through which your business runs. Whatever the objective the app, our briefing process is structured to ensure that we advise on the best route forward and offer our creativity and design knowledge.

Scoping and User Flows

There is nothing more frustrating than an app without structure. The user interface in apps is a crucial part of the overall user experience so identifying key user flows that are closely aligned with the objective of the app is paramount. Spreadsheets, wireframing software or good old pen and paper can be used to map out the user flows. We have our preferences but can work with you to really nail down the key routes through which your audience will use your app. We will also create a detailed scope of the app's functionality for our design and development teams.

Wireframing and Design

A by-product of the user flow and scoping phase is the natural production of mobile wireframes. We work with you to tweak, massage and perfect these wireframes until we are ready to design the app. The design team will then use the wireframes as guidance to create stunning designs for your new app, using best in class design techniques and a healthy dollop of creativity.

Development Brief

Creating an app does not simply end after the design. It needs to be developed and in order for the development process to run smoothly, a ful brief needs to be supplied. Using platforms such as Trello, Jira and Invision, our app designers create detailed development briefs that document all functionality required for the app.

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We designed Idea Drop's Mobile Application - used by Fortune 500 companies, emergency services and a variety of other businesses.
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