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A company’s branding can often be a deciding factor for consumers. As a branding agency it is our job to tell your story through instantly recognisable logos or brandmarks, subsequently tailoring all marketing collateral to your brand’s core values. Whether it be establishing your key messaging and what you represent as a business, or rebranding ageing logo designs and collateral, we believe in the following steps that are critical to the creation of a brand that you can be proud of!
Our Branding Process

Branding Brief

The first step is to have a briefing meeting to discuss what is required. You will meet with a creative consultant and a designer so that we can get a better idea of the direction you would like to take with your branding. It does not matter if you do not have any design in mind – or even a basic colour theme, this meeting is designed so that we can get a feel of what you are trying to achieve with your company/branding.

Client Vision

Our branding is created not only to look awesome but also to represent what you offer as closely as possible, whether that be a product, service or even simply an idea. As a result, if you don’t have any design direction in mind, we can glean enough information through discussing your business’ culture, processes, client base and aims.


We offer objective advice in all aspects of our work, including our branding processes. It is our role as branding consultants to create the best brand for our clients, according to their requirements. As a result, at points this involves both accepting a client’s direction and also educating a client as to why a certain direction might not be the best fit for their business! The client always has final say, but where necessary we will fulfil our role as branding consultants.

Concepts and Directions

Great branding is a process, not an instant result. After we have had a briefing meeting and performed industry and competitor research we will then create initial direction concepts. The feel of each concept may vary dramatically (depending on the briefing meeting) but this is a necessary step. The concepts are created to identify a design direction which can then be refined, rather than a finished product (although this has happened before!).

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