Alice Lily Interiors.

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Partnering with this exciting new brand, Yellowball were able to utilise our experience working with high end brands to help Alice Lily Interiors forge a path in a highly competitive market. This was a branding and web design project that required minimalist design and an acute eye for detail – after all, Alice Lily Interiors’ clients and partners are designers themselves. No pressure then.

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  • The Brief

    Alice Lily Interiors was a new company looking to partner with some of the best interior designers globally. As a result, Yellowball were tasked with creating a brand and website that would appeal to this design conscious market. The brand and website needed to relate to the maturity of the interior design market but simultaneously exude vibrancy and transition.

  • Creating the Brand & Website

    For the brand we incorporated a washed ink effect, coupled with the A and L from the name to create a brandmark that was instantly recognisable and applicable to a wide range of collateral. The washed ink that sat behind the typography was interchangeable, depending on its application delivering a brandmark that could be applied to bags, signs, business cards, websites and much more.

    When designing the website we were conscious of modern flat designs with an intuitive user interface. The user is encouraged to explore partner's and their products through the use of white space, dashes of vibrant colour and beautiful imagery. With full knowledge of the content available to Alice Lily Interiors we were able to design in the knowledge that the structure would be backed up by the content.

The Outcome

Yellowball are incredibly proud of both the brand and the website design that was produced as a result of working with Alice Lily Interiors. The brand is versatile and couples well with the partner brands featured on the site which is critical for the business. The website remains loyal to a more traditional website structure but blends seamlessly with modern design trends, resulting in a website that not only looks fantastic but has great usability.


In fact, we have had other interior designers from as far afield as Australia getting in touch with Yellowball to enquire about UX/UI as a result of seeing the Alice Lily Interiors website!