Bunny Run Nursery.

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Bunny Run Nursery presented an exciting opportunity for the Yellowball team to design a functional and informative website which accurately reflects the values of an institution that encourages playfulness and creativity in younger minds.

  • Natural Designs

    Bunny Run are an independent nursery based in the Tunbridge Wells countryside, so one of our main priorities was to ensure that the website exhibited unique designs with a natural flavour. The colour scheme seen throughout the website was extrapolated from an existing logo design and blended with a complementary palette of natural and earthy tones. Likewise, we incorporated a mixture of vibrant illustrations and homely photography created by our resident camera pro Lizzie, thereby reinforcing the natural themes of the website and reflecting the idyllic rural setting of the nursery.

  • Keeping it simple and fun

    In order to align our designs with the fun and interactive ethos undertaken by the nursery itself, the website had to look clean and simple on the page while being easy for users to navigate. Our biggest challenge was maintaining this simplicity of design and ease of navigation while imbuing the website with a sense of childlike play. This involved making the most important parts of the website user friendly while adding detail through more subtle elements such as illustrations and icons.

  • Briefing Icon
  • Branding

    We wanted to create designs that help current and prospective parents or carers get an immediate feel for the nursery and access all the information they need quickly and easily. Consequently, we used multiple sections on each page to neatly break up information and make it more digestible, and incorporated clickable tabs to make each section more accessible. Ultimately, the client was thrilled with our final designs – their website now enjoys a perfect balance between playful visuals and simplistic UI design.