de Gournay.

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de Gournay are a world leader in luxury, hand-painted wallpaper and other artisan interior designs. Yellowball were appointed to redesign and launch their entire website, in addition to a complex digital product catalogue with multiple language support and a vast, visual inventory.

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  • The Brief

    The de Gournay website represented an opportunity to work with genuine global leaders in their field. With a complex image database and high end luxury product, the project required significant AGILE planning and roadmapping. 

    With an existing site, the task was to create a more interactive user experience whilst retaining their existing style guidelines. The website needed to showcase the visual quality of their product whilst ensuring that there was a seamless experience across any device.

  • Modern Tiled Design

    The new de Gournay site features a clear filtering system when viewing galleries of products and clever back end code to display images within Collections based on popularity.

    The modern tiled design took into account aspect ratios of existing photography with filter tiles that mimicked wallpaper for their famous Chinoiserie designs. 

Brand New Database

Yellowball were tasked with recreating de Gournay's image database, home to thousands of images, press material, descriptions in multiple languages and the go to platform for de Gournay's back end staff.

Rebuilding the database on an OpenSource Content Management System allowed staff a single sign on and a more intuitive UX/UI. In addition to a new database it meant that de Gournay staff could assign images to the front end website from a single platform.