Governors Camp.


Set in some of the most beautiful parts of Africa, Governors are pioneers of immersive and transformational safaris.  The first of their kind to be permanently based inside the Masai Mara National Reserve, they now operate 7 camps and lodges located in some of the best and most precious wildlife locations in East Africa. 

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  • The Brief

    The previous website was dated and behind on current design and user experience trends, creating a user experience that didn't reflect the quality of the experiences provided at Governors' camps. A Governors’ Safari will introduce you to the thrilling pleasures of some of the world’s most magnificent wildlife spectacles while pampered in luxury. Governors pride themselves on providing the old-fashioned pace of life accompanied by the best of 21st century support in the heart of some of East Africa’s Prime Wildlife Areas. The design needed to reflect this. 

  • The Website

    The previous site had a complex site map that was difficult to navigate, our team worked closely with Governors' to learn about the camps so that we could improve user flow as well as aesthetic design. With access to stunning imagery, we wanted to make sure that photos took centre stage on the website to showcase the amazing experiences that Governors' offer.