Graduate Coach.


Graduate Coach are a professional coaching company that provide career advice to new graduates. They are experts in full career and interview coaching and have helped more than 400 students and graduates find their dream jobs. As well as online courses and graduate handbooks, Graduate coach also offer expert one-to-one coaching and career workshops for young people evaluating their options post university.

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  • The Brief

    The original Graduate Coach website contained a large amount of information that was hard for users to navigate. For example, there were no less than 12 items in the menu bar, which makes it difficult to understand the core services that Graduate Coach offer. Our job was to refine this information and present it in a clearly understood and easily navigable format. One of the key challenges we faced when designing the Graduate Coach website was appealing to not only students and recent graduates but also to their parents.

  • The Website

    The principal intention of our design was to structure the site in such a way as to make it immediately obvious what services Graduate Coach offered. We achieved this by creating a simplistic, stripped back look that could highlight important elements of the site whilst also improving the flow of its content. We also focused on making Graduate Coach a mobile first website as their primary target audience are younger users who predominantly use mobile devices in the daily lives.