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The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) is the trade association for the UK garden industry. For over 5 years, Yellowball have been working in partnership with the HTA to produce their flagship monthly news magazine, the HTA News. Filled with the latest news, events, advice, case studies and market leading research, it is both a valuable and vital part of the association’s membership package. We have also overseen a range of other on and offline marketing activity including exhibition stands and sub-brand creation.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Yellowball have been producing the HTA News magazine for a number of years and through this time have helped the HTA to evolve the design and layout of the magazine. It is our role as their design agency to ensure that the magazine's design stays up to date and as such that requires reviews of the types of content included in editions, imagery and recommendations on design improvements that can be made to the overall style of the magazine as well as individual elements on pages.

  • Content Layout

    HTA News is an information rich publication which in turn produces some tricky challenges when it comes to content layout on pages. With no set minimum or maximum content limit for each page of each edition, we had to create a style which allowed significant flexibility for both text based content, cutouts, images and key pieces of information.

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  • Online Collaboration

    Just because HTA News is a printed publication does not mean that we cannot utilise technology to our benefit! Yellowball and the HTA team are avid users of Trello as a project management system for each edition. Content is uploaded and commented upon, cards are assigned to columns dependent on their status and push notifications result in quick actions from both parties. The result? An efficient online platform that means that we hit the print deadline every time.