Love Local.

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LoveLocal Card is a new way to support, promote and enjoy living in Sevenoaks. Offering exclusive discounts at over 160 of the brightest and best restaurants, retail, trades & services in Sevenoaks, LoveLocal helps you feel good about supporting the community while making some great savings. 

Yellowball handled the entire brand conception, planning and launch, including the development of the Love Local website, which serves as a portal for the entire scheme.

  • E-Commerce Website Icon
  • Subscriptions and Payments

    The Love Local website required a complex back end e-commerce system allowing users a variety of options in regards to the loyalty cards.

    Yellowball built in e-commerce functionality including trial periods, coupon codes, card and PayPal payment and renewals. Syncing with PayPal and 3rd party card payment platforms it allows the Love Local team to manage members from their CMS.

  • A Friendly Feel

    The nature of the Love Local card is to support local businesses and community. As a direct result the website needed to embody that community feel and have a welcoming design. Making use of a lighter, pastel led colour scheme and a no nonsense information architecture the website is clear in its purpose.