Rencraft is a creator of luxury, hand made kitchens. In turn, their website needed to showcase their kitchens via a market leading website. Yellowball’s expert designers and photographers worked to create a website that is highly visual, provides clear navigation and reflects the style of the kitchens created by Rencraft.

  • Website Design

    In an industry where the team and portfolio are significant buying factors, the website (and imagery) were designed so that the user felt like they were peering through a window or port hole into Rencraft's kitchens. The website's design stripped out all unnecessary information, focusing attention on the most important imagery and supporting text. Using analytics we provided a menu structure that encourages navigation to key areas of the site, improving the user flow and overall experience.

  • Photography

    Yellowball's very own professional photographer worked with Rencraft to capture the very best imagery possible to display Rencraft's kitchens. Organisation, shoot set up and editing resulted in spectacular and luxury imagery that are second only to seeing a Rencraft kitchen in the flesh.

  • Photography and Video icon