Unit Hire.

Unit Hire, an Essex-based provider of storage units and site accommodation, came to Yellowball with an exciting vision for their new website – one which spoke for the company’s sense of professionalism and efficiency. Seeing the potential that lies in the humble storage container, our designers were keen to make a striking impression and brush up Unit Hire’s visual identity, combining slick aesthetics with the best in UI design.

  • The Website

    Working seamlessly across all devices, the final Unit Hire website builds upon core elements of the existing brand, wrapping them up in fresh designs and clever functionality. Sharp graphics are paired with diagonal lines to give the site a tight and angular flow; emboldened typography and clear imagery helps to focus the information presented on each page; a simple but striking palette of green and yellow acts as a continuation of the brand’s logo and gives the site an industrial feel. In all, this project allowed us to look at the more exciting aspects of commercial design, all while crafting a website as helpful to the business as it is to users.

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