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Google Adwords (a.k.a PPC) is an incredibly effective marketing platform that utilises the vast user traffic on Google’s search engine. However, for the untrained it can be fraught with danger. At Yellowball we actively manage Adwords accounts for clients to ensure the best possible return on investment.
Full Google Ads Management

Initial Research and Set Up

Conducting thorough research and a comprehensive set up process is essential for an adwords campaign to produce the desired results. Much like our SEO or Social Media Campaigns we are true believers in the fact that allocating sufficient time to this first step will save both time and money across the campaign. Our research includes: Keyword Targeting, Competitor Activity, Audience Demographics, Consumer Behaviour, and Product or Service Targeting. This research gives our consultants the data on which to base a recommended spend, create areas of focus and keyword strategies.

Ad Management

Adwords campaigns are constantly compiling data which our consultants then use to fine tune the campaign in order to decrease cost per click and ultimately cost per conversion. By keeping a close eye on how ads are performing we are then able to react quickly to capitalise on the best performing facets of your adwords campaign. Conversely we are also able to create an incredibly lean campaign by mitigating any ads or keywords that are under performing.


Automated reports can be set up on Google adwords to give an overall picture of how the campaign is progressing. We supplement this with our own manual report based on the analytics data, ad performance and a detailed report of the work that has been conducted on the campaign over the previous month. In this way our clients are able to see a snapshot overview of the campaign as well as detailed progress reports.

Additional Services

Google ads acts as a referral platform through which users are redirected to a designated website. It is crucial that the website capitalises on this referral traffic. An additional service that we offer at Yellowball is conversion rate optimisation, making sure that a tailored ads campaign directs traffic to a website that is tailored for conversions according to their target demographic. Additionally, the authority generated by SEO campaigns increases Quality Scores and therefore decreases cost per click.

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