SEO Success Story: blow Ltd

Yellowball have been instrumental in improving our visibility on search engines and we are extremely happy with the relationship


Campaign Brief

Blow LTD came to Yellowball following re-platforming of their website and a recent drop in organic search traffic. As the largest provider of beauty on-demand services in the UK, organic search traffic was a major driver of revenue for the business.

We engaged with blow LTD on a fully managed campaign basis. With an in-house technical and content creation team, the first task was to identify key technical issues prior to executing a comprehensive content and link building campaign. Ultimately our objectives were to increase organic traffic and subsequent versions to, and beyond, previous highs.

Key Successes

There were two notable successes to kick-off the campaign, related to website structure and indexation. Built on React.js the new platform was not being correctly indexed by Google. Working alongside blow LTD’s internal technical team, we solved this through a combination of methods including server side rendering.

In addition, in a bid to increase geographical coverage, the website had become bloated with a significant amount of location based landing pages. Through analysis of individual page visibility and revenue generation we successfully transitioned the site to an area based targeting strategy, significantly reducing what we deemed as a bloated site.

Our technical work saw us gain a large amount of visibility relatively quickly (over 100% increase), users and those all important conversions.

Since the beginning of our SEO campaign, the number of search terms blow LTD ranks for has increased drastically, improving from 3,068 organic keywords in September 2018 to 7,645 organic keywords in January 2020.

Once we had reviewed and addressed the biggest technical issues affecting the site we were in a position to move on to ongoing technical, content and link building.

We saw real success for the website in targeting SERP features – namely featured snippets. Utilising a clear buyer’s journey we were able to attract users that were highly relevant to blow LTD’s service offering. Securing key SERP features generated results far and above simply ranking in the top 3 positions. Ultimately, this led to a 142% increase in non-branded impressions, traffic and subsequent conversions on the site.

The blow LTD campaign has produced great results, over 800% ROI and won two awards – something that we’re really proud of.

Since the start of our SEO campaign, blow LTD’s non-branded impressions have increased by 203%
Blow LTD’s non-branded clicks experienced a significant improvement, increasing by 142%.

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