Yellowball & blow Ltd
Becoming the Uber of Beauty

As the UK’s largest beauty on demand service, Yellowball were brought on to fix major technical SEO issues and deliver a service that would enable blow to become the Uber of beauty services.

To establish itself as the go-to mobile beauty service provider across the UK, blow LTD needed a website that had a substantial and established search presence in the online beauty industry. Following our initial keyword research and onsite optimisation, we identified where blow LTD could stand out from its competitors and attract more organic search traffic to its website.

Working closely with blow LTD to understand what was important to them as a business, we set about establishing them as the undisputed mobile beauty booking service in search. Thanks to our detailed keyword research, technical SEO implementation and targeted content creation, our SEO campaign had a flying start. Less than half a year into our SEO campaign, blow LTD’s average keyword position had increased from 63 to 18, the equivalent of jumping up five pages on SERPs, with blow LTD displaying in the top spots on the first page of Google for multiple target keywords. 

Yellowball have been instrumental in improving our visibility on search engines and we are extremely happy with the relationship!

Faisal Laljee, VP Marketing

It wasn’t just blow LTD’s keyword rankings that saw an improvement. Before our SEO campaign was a year old, blow LTD had seen increases in its visibility score, click-throughs from non-branded searches and conversion rate. Of course, SEO is not a quick fix. Although we have seen some brilliant results from blow LTD’s SEO campaign, we know that an SEO’s job is never done. That’s why we are constantly looking for ways to build on the current success of our SEO campaign to further establish blow LTD as the unquestionable mobile beauty leader online.

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