Disrupting Recruitment with Applied

Absolute pleasure to work with Yellowball. A great team who really strike the perfect balance between creativity, professionalism and delivery

Shirwac Dirir Head of Marketing


Applied operate within the £42 billion UK recruitment industry as well as the wider £772 billion global market. The platform is centred around removal of biases and increased diversity but also offers significant value as a more traditional recruitment platform.

With reasonably low authority, we began with highly specific targeting due to the relevance this had to the platform’s primary USP. This came in the form of blind hiring, unbiased hiring and anonymous recruitment type topics.

We quickly gained search market dominance within these topics which has subsequently allowed us to continually expand our targeting. The strategy has been to own each topic before expanding to higher search volume but less relevant to the USP type topics. We’ve seen real success in this systematic approach, allowing us to continually attract new users, gain brand recognition and generate conversions for the business.

Utilising Thought Leadership & Resources

Yellowball utilise our client’s internal resources where possible, not only for cost effectiveness but also to ensure that our strategy and plan delivers maximum impact for the business.

Applied have access (both internally and externally) to genuine thought leadership and prominent figures within their space. We saw this as an opportunity to leverage their positions by identifying search opportunities and creating detailed action plans with regards to content.

Through our partnership with Applied we have secured high value featured snippets and created content that has resulted in considerable visibility, reach, traffic and ultimately conversions (both direct and indirect) for the business.

An end-to-end, collaborative campaign

All of Yellowball’s SEO campaigns are fully managed. Some require a heavier focus on technical issues whereas others are primarily content led.

Our campaign focus for Applied has varied throughout the years, depending on the items that will have the most impact for the business. However, the campaign as a whole has covered all major elements of SEO including deep buyer persona research, technical, onsite, content and link building.

The campaign is a truly collaborative effort between Yellowball and Applied, aided by genuine transparency and alignment between the two parties with regards to long term goals. In turn this has resulted in enviable results for the business and organic search delivering the lion’s share of conversions.


  • Consistent and fast paced growth across a multi-year campaign
  • Search dominance within Applied’s value proposition

Year 1:

  • +653% non-branded clicks
  • +130% in search visibility
  • Organic search became highest conversion channel

Year 2:

  • +127% in organic traffic
  • +93% in Page 1 Rankings
  • +200% in demo conversions
  • +305% in trial conversions

Year 3:

  • +209% in organic traffic
  • +356% in Page 1 Rankings
  • +63% in conversions
  • Continued dominance of organic search

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