Disrupting Recruitment with Applied

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Shirwac Dirir Head of Marketing

SEO Brief.

The recruitment industry in the UK alone stands at nearly £40 billion a year. It’s a saturated market with various categories of players. Our challenge with Applied was to create visibility and conversions for their platform whilst ensuring that Applied is viewed as a technology platform rather than an agency or consultancy.

The recruitment platform space is incredibly noisy. Each player approaches the hiring process from a different angle. Our role as SEOs was to identify opportunities within the market that align with Applied’s USPs. Whilst those are centred around a blind hiring process, Applied also works for the applicants by helping them find their ideal job and gain constructive feedback.

As with most SEO campaigns, the overarching objective was to increase conversions. In Applied’s case this came in the form of sales-related enquiries for their platform.

Organic click growth chart

Key Wins

Content was a large part of our SEO strategy for Applied. With access to highly qualified and respected industry leaders, we quickly established a collaborative working relationship. This was coupled with a campaign that was highly focussed on specific searcher intents, aligned with Applied’s positioning in the marketplace.

Our strategy was to dominate topics related to blind hiring and biases within the recruitment process. Whilst there are specific transactional search terms, this campaign required an educational angle for prospects.

Within the first 12 months we had increased the reach of the website (in terms of total ranking keywords) by 224%. Targeting SERP features resulted in highly successful content pieces and a 150% year on year increase in organic search traffic to the website. Ensuring that this was aligned with sales funnels enabled us to then have a positive impact on sales related enquiries. Expanding Applied’s presence within the SERPs was key to facilitating long-term growth and we’ve now moved into our second phase for the campaign.


Branded vs non-branded
This graph demonstrates the growth of non-branded traffic in comparison with branded traffic
YoY Organic traffic growth

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