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Goodbox, like many other market disruptors, had a conundrum. The search market was full of opportunities for traditional fundraising but not necessarily directly aligned to Goodbox’s technology.

It’s a problem that we have strong experience in solving. SEO doesn’t necessarily increase search demand, instead it capitalises on existing demand. Therefore, it is our job as SEOs to find creative solutions to tap into relevant search volume.

We began by securing dominance in highly specific and relevant search terminology, albeit with lower search volume in comparison to other topics. Following this, we methodically expanded our content and reach into topics that would require the transitioning of the original searcher intent. I.e topics that were slightly less directly relevant, therefore generating a reduced conversion rate, mitigated by a significantly increased search volume. Using this methodology we saw dramatic increases in reach, new users and ultimately conversions.

Multiple Channels

Throughout the campaign we utilised data from alternate marketing channels (including Google Ads) to identify opportunities within the market.

The near instant visibility and data that PPC provides, it was clearly highly relevant in testing conversion rates within specific topics. It provided the SEO team with critical comparison on topics and success, with the ability to scale back any campaigns that were not performing as expected.


Thought Leadership

Physical premises present different market opportunities to, for example, an e-commerce store. Prospects are likely to be searching with location not only as a key variable but also a critical factor in their purchasing decision.

However, we also had to factor in those searching in a wider geographical area or London wide. In turn, our strategy prioritised more localised search for faster profitability with a longer term view of widening our targeting.

A focus on relevant traffic

At Yellowball we have a healthy skepticism with regards to what we deem as ‘vanity metrics’. These included impressions, organic visibility and often organic traffic. These metrics are great leading indicators, though they amount for nought if they do not deliver conversions.

When comparing the campaign’s metrics we can clearly see a larger percentage gain in conversions when compared with traffic and visibility. This is a result of an ever-present focus on attracting the right user that ends in a conversion, rather than inflated vanity metrics that do not have a direct impact on business goals.

This type of traffic consolidation has been highly successful for Goodbox, increasing the quality of leads and delivering much higher efficiency for the SEO investment made thus far.

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