Yellowball & Kore Studios
The 800% uplift

Kore Studios is one of London’s premier studios, having worked with the likes of Florence and the Machine, Kasabian and Amy Winehouse as well as some of the UK’s most exciting and emerging talent. Yellowball have worked with Kore Studios to continue to attract new and exciting artists from across London and further afield.

When Kore started their campaign with Yellowball in early 2018 their target keywords had stabilised at a relatively low ranking position. With the implementation of our onsite optimisation, we instantly saw an increase in their rankings which has continued throughout the campaign. 18 months into the campaign, we had boosted the average position of Kore’s keywords by more than 60 places.

One of the main goals that Kore had in seeking out SEO work was to become an authority in the music production world through their blog output so as to draw in more organic traffic to the site. Alongside our onsite optimisation, a successful content production campaign was implemented that helped to increase organic traffic to the Kore website by 335% in the first 18 months of the campaign.

We are definitely feeling an upswing in enquiries at our end!


On top of this, non-branded impressions in SERPs were increased by 800% when compared with the start of the campaign, with a very large portion of the site’s users arriving through blog content. The success of this blog content has also caused us to gain a number of valuable earned links for the site.

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