Why Plus Rooms Chose Yellowball

Plus Rooms were already working with Yellowball on a brand new website project and SEO campaign. Being ecstatic with the results of the SEO campaign and the new website designs, Plus Rooms wanted to support the launch of the new website with an expert PPC campaign to increase the volume of leads into the business and support growth.

PPC Background

Plus Rooms had ran their own PPC campaigns prior to engaging with Yellowball on their new website and SEO campaign. The campaigns had performed relatively well, but there were various opportunities to widen the scope and opportunities to further exploit the size of London and all of it’s individual districts, relative to the keyword selection and campaign settings.

Our Approach

Our approach was to build upon the scope of the existing campaigns, offering a higher volume of traffic and leads at a relative lower cost. Here is how we approached the account;
We added new keyword’s into the account to ensure that core keywords weren’t being missed; such as the inclusion of ‘builder’ and ‘building company’ style keywords in addition to the ‘architect’ and ‘extension’ keywords used initially.

The existing keyword choice in terms of granularity was quite limited; the client offered extension services of any kind including loft, kitchen, and general home extensions, however only the generic keyword ‘extensions’ was previously targeted. This added huge scope to the campaigns.

The previous campaigns only targeted the geographic location of London and didn’t include the location names within the keyword themselves. This meant that if a user searched for ‘Architect near me’ they would see the ad, however if they searched for ‘Architect Lewisham’, the clients ad would not appear. We therefore created new campaigns that only included keywords that mentioned the specific location name (targeting over 230 individual London Districts with Single Keyword Ad Groups) with a wider geographic radius. This significantly increased the scope of the campaign and these geo campaigns performed on average much better in terms of cost per lead than the more generic campaigns.

The Results

During our first 3 months of the campaign we were able to deliver;

-165 qualified leads at a cost of £52 per lead.

-110 leads came from the new style of geo campaigns that we implemented.

-A conversion rate of over 3.6%.

Full tracking implemented so that any leads from the website (including contact forms and calls) could be tracked down to the sale.

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