Traditional coworking spaces can feel somewhat linear in terms of their targeting: freelancers looking for flexible (and hopefully cheap) workspace.

Uncommon are not traditional.

In addition, the cowork industry has shifted significantly in the past few years. Businesses of varying sizes now look to coworking to provide flexibility. Customers have expectations as to the services delivered. As such, the search demand and opportunity has become far more multi faceted.

Of course, the cowork, workspace, office space type searches remain highly relevant and offer enviable conversion rates. These remain (and will likely continue to do so) the priorities within specific locations. However, we looked to further expand our reach to evangelise the support and services offered by Uncommon.

A location-based competition

Physical premises present different market opportunities to, for example, an e-commerce store. Prospects are likely to be searching with location not only as a key variable but also a critical factor in their purchasing decision.

However, we also had to factor in those searching in a wider geographical area or London wide. In turn, our strategy prioritised more localised search for faster profitability with a longer term view of widening our targeting.

Addressing the needs of buyer personas

Uncommon offer services that are applicable to freelancers looking for flexible workspace, small businesses looking for collaborative workspaces through to larger businesses requiring entire floors of space.

In addition we utilised ad hoc services such as meeting room space, event space and other services to gain wider brand interaction with prospects.

Whilst there is significant overlap between buyer personas, requirements (and therefore search behaviour) also differed. As a direct result, we had to take a multi pronged approach to targeting both through site structure and also content. Furthermore, we worked with Uncommon to gain a deep understanding of present and forecasted occupancy rates within buildings and locations to better prioritise our actions within the SEO campaign.

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