Yellowball & Unit Hire
The 900% Impression Increase

The container hire, sale and conversion industry is surprisingly competitive. To help their business stand out from the crowd, Unit Hire sought out Yellowball to help out with their SEO and web design. Yellowball has been working with the Unit Hire team for over two years now and the results of our SEO campaign have been fantastic.

Unit Hire was failing to rank highly for a number of keywords directly related to the service that they provided within the container industry. Yellowball’s goal was to push Unit Hire’s average ranking in search higher and bring in a much larger audience through a process of onsite optimisation and production of content valuable to their customers.

Our first aim was to ensure that the static content on the site was directly targeting the services offered by the Unit Hire team. Thanks to our detailed keyword research, technical SEO implementation and targeted content creation, Unit Hire’s SEO campaign has been positive throughout. A year after starting work with us their average position had increased by 20 places and within two years this had increased to 40 points higher than at the start of the campaign. After two years with Yellowball, Unit Hire was ranking in the top spots on Google for a variety of terms that were all relevant to the service they offered.

Much of the success that Yellowball found with Yellowball was through our high-quality content production to target visitors through organic channels. Before they began working with us, Unit Hire had no blog post output at all, we now create between three and four articles per month for the company that have secured a direct growth in their organic traffic. Over the course of their campaign, Unit Hire’s non-branded impressions in search have increased by a total of 900% while organic traffic has increased by 352%. Having renewed for a third year, the Yellowball team are continuing to work to make Unit Hire the primary container hire company in the south-east.

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