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At Yellowball, we conduct audits on a variety of websites. Some will be wanting to set a solid foundation for an upcoming campaign, whereas others may be looking to generate new ideas and strategies for an existing campaign. You may have an existing agency, in house team or have never conducted SEO on your site before. No matter what position your website is in, our SEO audit service allows you to gain strategic insights from out and out search marketing specialists.

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Our comprehensive SEO review covers…

  • Keyword Analysis

    We will conduct in-depth keyword research, analysing user search volume to determine the best keywords for your website to target.

  • Page speed

    Many websites perform at a subpar level due to slow load speed. With our technical SEO expertise, our team will work to improve the page speed across your site.

  • Backlink analysis

    Having a poor backlink profile can cause plenty of SEO issues, we’ll analyse links to your site, remove negative ones and strategise for new ones.

  • Competitor analysis

    Understanding the digital marketing efforts of your competitors can help you improve your own strategy, we’ll conduct full competitor research for you.

  • Technical SEO

    From setting up Google Search Console to writing schema markup for your webpages, a technical SEO audit can make a huge difference to the success of your site.

  • Reporting & analytics

    Our audit will see us set up Google Analytics tracking to ensure you have clarity on your user acquisition and attribution modelling, helping SEO reporting and resource decisions.

  • Information architecture

    Knowing how to perfect the information architecture of your website is essential to achieve a positive user experience, our team are happy to assist. We will also submit any new XML sitemaps to Google.

  • Content marketing strategy

    Content is the backbone of SEO. We will work with you to optimise your current content and create a content marketing strategy that can be continued once your audit is complete.

Our goal as an agency is to help you fulfil your goals as a business. We will take into account your current marketing strategies when performing our search marketing audit. This may also involve blending the likes of social media marketing into the post-audit strategy we deliver.

A Bespoke Review

Every business is different, so we conduct every single one of our SEO site audits from the ground up with you in mind. While we do have an overarching structure for all of our audits, we will tweak and tailor this to take every need of your business into account.

The reasons you may choose to have an SEO audit can vary dramatically. Organic traffic may have declined, your site may be loading slower, you may have received a Google penalty. Perhaps you’re starting afresh, need a website health check, or simply need a professional SEO agency to help you make the most of the current resources on your site. Whatever the case, we can provide best practice and our award-winning industry expertise to ensure you meet your search marketing objectives.

We guarantee that our SEO audit service will leave you with actionable recommendations for your site. All of the work we undertake and any points we address will be delivered with detailed recommendations that are able to be implemented by our experts, an in-house team or a third party.

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