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We take a tailored approach to all of our SEO courses. No rigid curriculum, no large class sizes. All of our training courses are specific to your own needs. You may be a beginner looking to learn about the foundations of SEO. You may be a digital marketer looking to expand your skills. You may be an internal digital marketing team wanting training on specific areas of search engine optimisation. Whatever your requirements are, we’ll tailor each course to fit them. With a team of expert SEO trainers, we’re here to teach you how to increase rankings, traffic and conversions, as well as the time you invest into SEO.

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Gain a Deeper Understanding of Search

When you attend an SEO course run by Yellowball, you won’t just leave with a list of items to look out for. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of the core theory and actionable points to implement on your own website. We believe in using our client’s own websites to structure the course content, allowing more relatable testing and practical implementation.

We’ll cover everything from formulating an SEO strategy through to more complex items for advanced SEOs. All of our SEO trainers are active in the industry, running campaigns for our clients on a daily basis. As such, you’ll get access to market-leading, industry experience and knowledge. Ultimately, we’re looking to target your audience more effectively through Google organic search and deliver increased conversions.

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Examples of training topics:

  • Core theory icon

    Core Theory

    If you’re looking for an introduction to SEO, this is perfect. Establish the core theories of value, relevance and authority before moving on to anything else!

  • Workflow icon


    Any successful SEO campaign needs structure. We teach you how to manage various stakeholders and workflows to create an efficient plan.

  • Keyword icon

    Keyword Research

    Learn how to conduct keyword research, analyse competitors and establish your positioning. KPIs are critical in being able to measure the impact of your efforts!

  • Technical SEO icon

    Technical SEO

    Whether it’s understanding how to create a clear information architecture and navigation, or you want to upskill on large scale eCommerce site migrations.

  • Content Creation icon


    Ensure that your content creation is in line with SEO best practices and can be amplified across additional digital marketing channels. Content is king.

  • Link icon

    Link Building

    Learn how to harness the power of digital PR. We teach you how to create a link building strategy that is scalable and white hat.

  • Google Penalty Removal icon

    Google Penalties & Recovery

    Truly understand why websites receive penalties and how to avoid falling foul of updates. If you’ve got a penalty, explore how you can recover.

  • Reporting icon

    Reporting & Analytics

    A favourite amongst digital marketers looking to upskill. We’ll run through acquisition and attribution, and how these apply to your website and analytics platforms.

  • Feedback icon


    Gain constant feedback from our teachers, through practical implementation. We also offer consultancy for future problem solving.

The most effective SEO training in London

We believe that our bespoke approach to teaching SEO means that we offer the most effective SEO training London has to offer. Normal education formats don’t work. We adapt course material to suit your needs and current levels of knowledge. We’re passionate about the influence that SEO can have on a website’s visibility and want to enable you to achieve success, no matter the scale.

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