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The best content and the highest-quality backlinks will mean little if your website is lacking from a technical perspective. Your site needs to be intuitive to use for both users and search engine crawlers. This is where Technical SEO comes in.

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What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO can be thought of as one of three core pillars of SEO, alongside high-quality content and link building. Technical SEO is all about making your website intuitive for users and search engines crawlers. A range of factors affect the usability of a website, and technical SEO is the process of auditing and optimising your website so that it provides the maximum value for users, and how this is most easily interpreted by search engines. It involves assessing and identifying any technical items that may limit your website’s performance in search, ensuring the website can be crawled and rendered correctly by robots, as well as providing appropriate solutions.

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Our Technical SEO Includes……

  • Metadata Analysis icon

    Meta Data Analysis

    Ensuring meta titles and meta descriptions are accurate and relevant

  • Heading tag icon

    Heading Tags

    Amending H1 tags and alt tags to be informative

  • Page speed icon

    Page Speed

    Improving page speed and overall site speed by compressing and removing unnecessary page elements

  • Canonical Icon

    Canonicals & Duplicates

    Using canonical tags to consolidate duplicate content issues and URLs

  • Mobile icon


    Optimising your website to cater for the mobile-first internet. Being mobile-friendly is a key ranking factor.

  • Link icon

    Fixing Links

    Removing broken links, redirect chains and loops that negatively impact a user’s experience on your site

  • Structured Data icon

    Structured data

    Writing schema markup and generating XML sitemap files to allow search engines to better understand your website

  • Indexation

    Ensuring the right pages are indexed correctly and have a better chance of being displayed on SERPs

  • Analytics icon

    Analytics Tools

    Setting up and monitoring analytics tools such as Search Console and Google Analytics

The importance of technical SEO cannot be overstated. For example, page speed alone can have a huge effect on your website’s performance. Google claims that 53% of mobile users will leave a site if it takes over three seconds to load. This is why technical SEO plays such an important role in all of our SEO campaigns

Why is Technical SEO important?

The factors that affect a user’s experience are also factors that influence search engine rankings. A website that loads quickly, is easy to navigate, has an intuitive URL and menu structure, and is mobile-friendly, provides a more enjoyable user experience. Such websites are also easier for search engine robots (e.g. Googlebot) to crawl. The easier a website is to crawl, the more accurately it can be indexed and ranked according to Google’s many ranking factors. In most cases, this results in being ranked higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

On the other hand, a website with poor page speed, a non-intuitive site structure, and which renders poorly on mobile devices, offers a poor user experience. Such as website will also use up its crawl budget quicker, resulting in less accurate indexing and an overall lower ranking on the SERPs. In other words, a website that is technically optimised for users will be optimised for search engines, and vice versa.

When we implement changes based on our initial technical audit, our clients begin to see positive results very quickly. Technical SEO is one of the most important aspects of SEO, and we’re proud to offer this service as part of our campaigns.

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