Kilchoman is an award-winning distillery dedicated to producing the finest single malt Scotch whisky that the island of Islay has to offer. They approached Yellowball and asked us to design a site that was as delicately crafted and unique as each drop of their product.

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The main purpose of the new Kilchoman website was to enlighten the user as to the story of the distillery, as well as the intricate processes that go into whisky production. There needed to be a particular focus on the farm distilling process and the tightly-knit nature of the distillery. The landing page immediately engages the user, displaying a stunning video that conveys the character and personal feel of the distillery. Scrolling down, the user is greeted with beautiful tiles that dive deeper into Kilchoman’s story. The site truly is a rich and memorable experience, and one that we are very proud to have created.

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