Justerini and Brooks

Why Justerini Chose Yellowball

Justerini were coming up to a contact renewal following their first year in both PPC and SEO with another agency. The client was looking to improve their digital marketing channels further, increasing sales and scope and were looking for a fresh pair of eyes across all their campaigns. Justerini engaged Yellowball in early 2021 to manage both their SEO and PPC channels.

PPC Background

Justerini & Brooks are an established Wine Merchant that have been established for over 250 years. The nature of their products is very much at the luxury end and much of the business had been built by traditional marketing and consistent growth over a long time period; engaging in PPC was a way for the business to add new marketing channels that they previously hadn’t utilized, with Yellowball inheriting the campaigns a year after they’d begun.

The campaigns that we inherited were well set out and all core best practice was taken care of. As a business, Justerini has a relatively small number of transactions but a large average order value, with customers of theirs buying large quantities of premium product in one go. The result of this is that the sales are few in number compared to a traditional E-commerce client, and the value much higher. This impacts our approach to the PPC strategy, making appearing in front of the right audience more important than total volume when it comes to driving the best return on ad spend.

Our Approach

Our approach was initially to refine the existing campaign set up, ensuring no stone was left unturned, whilst also expanding the overall scope of the campaigns to increase the volume of sales. Here are some of the key actions we undertook;

  • We reformatted the Shopping campaigns, condensing campaigns into a single Smart Shopping campaign to allow Google’s algorithm to gain more data and collectively improve sales from the Shopping channel.
  • We created new seasonal search campaigns with direction from the client, ensuring that we covered all of the seasonal products and trends at the correct time.
  • We expanded the search offering so that we have ads appearing for hundreds more individual wines than the campaigns had previously; given the nature of the clients business, potential customers are very likely to search for specific appellations and years of wine, which we ensured were covered.
  • We created campaign for specialist product launches, such as Justerini’s Prima and Ultima Whisky Collection (a collection of the finest Scotch Whisky’s you can find).
  • We are currently working on migrating the best performing campaigns over to the Microsoft Ads/BING channel as to maximise visibility for keywords that we know our audience are likely to purchase from.

The Results

We are only 6 months into this campaign with the client at the time of writing and continue to work with the client, but we are equally happy to report on some of our successes to date;

  • The best month of PPC performance so far saw a 33:1 Return on Ad Spend. So for every £1 the client spent on Google Ads, they were returning £33 in revenue.
  • PPC has generated the highest volume of revenue for the current quarter than ever before.
  • We have been able to produce the highest volume of revenue from none-brand campaigns to date for the client.

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