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Content is King. One of the many often slightly irritating sayings that the SEO world latch onto and re-use multiple times until the next one comes along. Content is indeed king in many of its applications, but not all content is the same. Evergreen content is a name applied to content that does not have (or has a very limited) decaying factor, whether that be time sensitivity and therefore relevance or information that is likely to change.

Why is Evergreen Content it useful?

The obvious answer is that it stays relevant to the user for far longer than content that has a high decay rate, in turn this produces a number of significant advantages for evergreen content:

  • Over the lifetime of the evergreen content it may have considerably higher traffic than a piece of content that is only relevant for a number of days.
  • An awesome piece of evergreen content can become a source of link earning that last weeks, months if not years.
  • Any user engagement with the content will continue to add value long after it has been published.
  • Evergreen content can often take longer to research and write but is an efficient use of your time due to the fact that its value lasts longer than a time sensitive piece. Subsequently great evergreen content can be used multiple times in marketing campaigns without fear of the content becoming irrelevant.

How do you create awesome evergreen content?

It has to be of use to your users

There must be a clear value proposition for your content. It must have a purpose. For example, this article is part of a wider SEO glossary in which we are looking to debunk any of the myths around SEO and provide our users with easy to understand explanations of regularly used terminology. Without a value proposition you run the risk of creating thin content (content that has been created purely for SEO purposes that add little additional value).

In almost every industry there are regularly asked questions, useful historical information or terminology that can be used as a starting point for this evergreen content. Guides are popular forms of evergreen content but please remember that the goal is for your content to be better than your competitors so take the time to make it awesome.

Incorporate Design

This page or set of pages will be displayed on your site for a considerable amount of time and if executed correctly will receive a lot of views. Therefore during the content creation process you should invest the time to make the page look as good as possible, after all it may be your one chance to impress! Infographics, flow charts and quirky animations will serve to further engage the user.

Constantly Make Adjustments

Just because the content is evergreen doesn’t mean that you don’t need to make adjustments to it in order to make it as effective as possible. In fact, you will have spent more effort creating this content so of all the pieces this should be a priority for adjustments! Keep an eye on your analytics for the page and look to decrease the bounce and drop off rates whilst increasing the time spent on page. Look to tailor the onsite optimisation to increase the search visibility.

Furthermore, the subject matter can often be affected in the future so be prepared to amend the content as quickly as possible in order to prevent it from becoming irrelevant or incorrect.

Utilise call to actions to make users move through the site

For the majority of businesses the evergreen content is designed to not only add value and provide useful answers for potential customers but also to gain exposure for the business which could then lead to a sale. There is very little point spending the time creating this content and giving the user the information they want (often for free) only for them to go and purchase a product or service from your competitor. During your constant tailoring of the content, take into account call to actions and internal linking to other parts of your site. The aim is to impress the user with your awesome content and to persuade them to navigate to other more converting areas of the site.

Integrate it into your marketing

As previously mentioned this evergreen content should be part of your marketing strategy. This will create efficiencies for your own marketing. It can also increase exposure for the content , creating further link earning opportunities. In turn these links will improve the search visibility of the content which increases exposure. The ideal scenario is for this to continue with your evergreen content creating somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy.

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