Flexible Storage.

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When you have more documents than you know what to do with, the team at Flexible Storage have the facilities and services necessary to take that load off. They are experts in their field of document storage and archive management, so Yellowball were more than happy to deliver a website that matched the high standards of the company.

  • The Brief

    Yellowball were tasked with creating a new bespoke website for Flexible Storage featuring streamlined UI, clear information, and engaging visuals. The client was struggling to find any exciting imagery relevant to their industry, so we brainstormed ways to support the content and capture the user’s attention without relying on photography. The result was a document storage website unlike any other within the industry.

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  • The Process

    Having processed the specific needs of the client and settling on the best way to capture their target audience online, we developed a website that is as colourful and exciting as it is informative and intuitive. Animated illustrations on the site serve not only to replace any imagery, but also to add a hint of interest and humour to the overall user experience. In order to capture the company’s two main target audiences (document storage folks and self storage folks), we made sure to incorporate a split level header design on the homepage which offers both of these services in a clear and simple fashion.