Link Bait

Link building – the process of building links from relevant websites to your site – is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Generating quality backlinks to your site means that search engines will view your site more favourably; as a link from one site to another is seen by Google as a kind of vote for the quality of the site being linked to.

Link building comes in a variety of forms, both white hat and black hat. Some SEOs will engage in linkspam; joining link networks or spamming forums and comment threads to grow their backlink profile. Since the Google Penguin Update was released in 2012, these tactics have led to sites being penalised by search engines for such manipulative behaviour. Be sure to avoid any of these spammy tactics that have made the practice of link building somewhat infamous.

There are, however, legitimate link building practices that are also commonplace. You could write guest blogs and use links to your site to add value to conversations on forums. However, writing link bait can be a useful method of benefitting your backlink profile. If done well, it can be a valuable practice, so it’s definitely worth pursuing.

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