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Website Design

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In our digital age websites have rapidly become the first point of contact that companies and organisations have with potential customers. A website’s design is the most influential factor in creating the right impression with the user and converting them into a customer. Our hot shot creative web design team will understand your business needs and target audience, subsequently designing a visually stunning, clean and easy to use website that you will be proud to show off!

Get Your Message Across…Instantly

The internet is an incredibly noisy environment. Add to this attention spans that appear to be deteriorating by the second and as a result your website needs to get its point across…with zero effort. Website design is a fundamental part of making sure that the user understands what the website is conveying. We take great pride in ensuring that all of our sites are designed with this in the forefront of our minds; create a truly beautiful and creative website that differentiates you from competitors and makes it easy for the user to get what they came for.


With 75% of users judging a company’s credibility based upon their website design and an even higher percentage of first impressions being design related it is essential that your website looks superb. Luckily the web design team at Yellowball are well versed in creating websites that deliver on this most important of criteria!

Responsive Design

Give your mobile and tablet visitors a stunning user experience on any device. The tools and platforms your prospects and clients use to engage with your brand, and their expectations, have changed dramatically in recent years. Research shows that depending on the industry between 50 and 80 percent of customers will buy exclusively on mobile devices. Our responsive web design brings you in line with these changing trends in consumer behaviour and our web developers ensure that these designs work across all devices in real life. Unless otherwise requested, all of our websites are designed responsive. This is because as a creative digital agency we do not believe in producing outdated websites. The future is in mobile devices, so by applying responsive design and development to all of our websites as standard we can ensure that our clients receive a product that will last for longer.

The Process

Our web design process has been specifically created so that the right questions are asked at the right time in order to deliver a product that you are delighted with. Before we have even started to design anything we conduct thorough research, this can take the form of competitor and industry research and can also include questioning the client in regards to:

  • Likes and dislikes of the current website
  • Desired style of the website
  • Intended functionality
  • Preferred colours
  • Target market and demographic

We strive to involve our clients as much as possible during this research phase in order to leverage their own industry knowledge. Questioning can occur at our design studio in Kent, at your offices or via Skype.

Ready to give your website some bounce? Get in touch today…

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