Instrumental is an A&R scouting platform that allows users to discover the next big artists emerging out of the music scene. Instrumental approached Yellowball to design a new look for their website which could be subsequently carried through to the redesign of their scouting platform.

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Using Sketch, we designed a beautiful website with conversions at its very core

When designing the new Instrumental website, we had to consider how each element of the site would translate onto the scouting platform. This was to ensure that the appearance of the brand was consistent across the Instrumental website as well as their product interface. We compiled a Sketch Pattern Library so that all elements of the website could be utilised for the scouting platform. A consistent ‘demo’ related call to action in both page content and navigation results in a user flow that is driven towards conversions. With page sections and stand out messaging, the website is able to adapt to any screen size easily, without compromising on its core functionality.

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